Thursday, January 8, 2009

There and Back Again.

Sometimes, life may not be too easy for us. As a student, I almost lose my confidence in my Maths. Why on Earth should I be studying that?? I hate it. My new class is Eugene. And so far, everything was going very well and smooth. There is only 23 students in my class, and specifically, we got only seven boys and 16 girls in the class. Here is my first impresssion; we will have a really cool class with the enthusiastic backrowers, just like the old beloved Glendale. However, to my dissappointment, the girls was way too quiet compared to my previous class. Just one thing I could conclude about my class. Cool, just cool.


sEyfu zEro said...

the girls was way too quiet?
hehe.later u'll know how 'quiet' they are..

aiSya said...

hehe. probably u hve to wait for the girls to feel cmfrtable to make the noises u wish they would. :D haha.

btw. maths is vry2 imprtnt taw. huhu. jgn la lose ur cnfdnce on maths. juz b cool with it. boley nye lah. :) ( tpi sumtyms kne work xtra hard skit la. ;) )

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