Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Priority Reorganized. Require Vital Attention.

Sunday, December 21, 2008
11:55:12 PM

In my primary school, I was known as one extremely potential student who was aimed to have the best excellent results and behavior. Then, in my secondary school, in SMK Seri Kuantan, I was not even aimed as the target student who was expected to score a straight A’s in my PMR. However, with God’s blessings, I managed to have the excellent score. Next is in my upper secondary school, ASiS, I was in the middle group student who was not expected to obtain a straight A’s in my SPM, as my exams was not so good. With extra hard works, I managed to get the straight A’s. It was my series of unexpected success. Only now I realized that I can’t forever survive on luck like before, as I have to accept the fact that without hard work and effort, even luck is useless. So now, I need to have my priority reorganized.
The priority was expected to be as below:

1. My studies. It is the most important thing. It should be the most important thing, but I think I put it in the wrong place all these time before.

2. My ethics and mannerism. It includes my devotion to my religion, faith and belief. I must watch out for myself, spent more time in the mosque and put a rigid boundary in everything that I mingled with.

3. My relationships with others. I should have called my parents more often, even to only let them know that I’m doing great and they were still healthy. I should spend more time with my friends and forget about love. It was way too early. I have given up my hope in serious relationship.

4. My budget management. I was using the taxpayers’ money, so I should have watched my expenditure. However, it must not go against the priority mentioned above.

5. My time management. Less time should be spent on playing guitar and games, more time should be spent on studying. However, keep on doing them in a controlled amount.

Those priorities will not be easy for me to follow, and here is my pledge. By whatever means, I have to be extra careful for my life in 2009. Much hope was given to me to be fulfilled, and thus, it was my responsibility to satisfy those who put their hopes. Remind me, time and time again, friends.

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The Skatemusicianer said...

We all go through lessons in life. : ) I had a messy breakup. But don't worry, love doesn't come once only. hehe. God should be our main provider. Take care man..let's jam soon!

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