Wednesday, January 28, 2009

for life is a funny thing

Sometimes, when I was about to fall asleep, I went back to think about things that I had done in the day time. By doing that, I was able to see either my days are worth or not at all. Once I think about it, I realized that I waste too much time doing unnecessary things. My priority is not yet organized, and my life is not yet properly scheduled. This very evening, I look at my right and saw Wahid, my loyal roommate and responsible friend. Then I turned to my left and saw Adib, my helpful roommate and a really caring friend. I stare in my front side and ponder. Ponder, ponder and ponder again. I was the ‘weakest’ among all my roommates. Then my ideas flow extremely fast from my mind. So I grab a piece of paper and try to list down what has been the disturbance for my priority to be yet unorganized.

So here’s the list that I’ve made.
1. When those guys and girls were studying during their free time, I loiter around talking
rubbish, listening to the tracks I admired so much or just sleeping all by myself.
2. When those guys and girls were studying during their free time, I surf the internet for a
new tracks or gig flyers on Myspace, strumming my guitar in front of my laptop to learn
new licks and solo or leads. What a waste of time.
3. While those guys and girls were busy studying during weekends, I woke up at 1 o’clock and
have my lunch, before going out to either play bowling, snooker, jamming or went for
karaoke. I wasted my money, my precious time and eventually my future.
4. While those guys and girls were doing the homework given by the lecturers, I sat down,
doing nothing but stared at those toiling companions. I procrastinate, again and again.
5. In every class, I want them to end early. I have no passion to study. Not at all, and I think
that I was critically lazy.

So there it goes. However, there are some others that I can’t show. It’s too personal.
This track, Bosan from Roti is very nice. It was taken from their album Ilustrasi Mimpi.

“Bosan dengan hidupku, mengapa jadi begitu, kemanakah hilang semangatku”

For life is a funny thing.


aiSya said...

huuhu. yeah. 1 and 3 happen to me too most of the time. :P and probably 2. 5 dpnds on my mood. :P and 4 too. i guess. :P

haha. :P kte same. lala~

FaRHaN SyAHiR said...

lbey kurg je sume org..

ct.mashitah said...

duhh... aku tdo kul 9,10 mlm....
hurmm... smgt blaja ko perlu disuntik.
mcm mase aku down dolu2, aku jadik smgt tgk cite devil wears prada.
rasa nk jadik b'dedikasi! (aku rase cm bdk skema.....)
pe kate mlm2 ko lepak2 minom kopi n mkn megi, bukak buku. msti smgt punyer lah!

eyxa shabarudin said...

its good for you to know wat u did wrong wif ur life.
change it. only u can make how ur life can be.
always be aware about ur future.
be the syahmi that i knw from seri kuantan. ;) * wink *

asnida hani said...

biase r tu..
aku rase sume org cam tu..
xspeselly dak jpa..
lamabat lg nak fly la, 1.00 pon boleh fly la, nak fly senang je la..
dun worry k..
lepak ngn dak mara gal slalu..
mesti ko ade semangat..xspeselly dak ex-glendale..
macam aku..lepak ngn dorg tros jadi rajin tahap gaban, siap jadik rujukan lagi..hahhahahaa
(alamak, tersyirik la pulak..ngee~)

shahusainy-anny said...

syahmi,great post.keep on fighting!aim high for last!chill =)

Syahmi Yem said...

huhu.. sungguh ramai pemberi smgt... harap2 mcm 2 r, kwn2...
kne brubh...

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