Monday, September 27, 2010

How to Ruin a Love Affair ;)

Mohd Syahmi Yem
ESL 407
Instructor: Beth Seilberger
How to Ruin a Love Affair
            A process to maintain a relationship is common, so on behalf of the minority who wants to do otherwise; I will explain the process on how to ruin a love affair. Special companions always need attention; so the first step is to totally divert your attention from them. Go out with your friends more often, and make up countless reasons for not going out with them. A moronic and illogical reason is even more effective. He or she will either ignore you or stalked you around. If he or she ignored you; now that is good news. Otherwise, proceed with step two. Step two is by manipulating their feeling of envy and jealousy. Talk about other guys or girls to them, and see how they react. If he or she felt inferior and become mad at you, or they just chill with that; knowing that you are faithful enough. If the result is the second one, continue to step three. The third step is to tell him that he was not muscular enough, and tell her she is too fat. If the guy is metro sexual enough, he will be running away crying. If the girl is weight-conscious, she won’t talk to you for years or even avoid from seeing you around. If this won’t work; which shows that he or she loves you a lot, go with the last, crucial, deadly step. The last step is to tell her that you have a fatal infectious disease and you want to break up with them for their sake. This is the last resort, yet the least annoying reason with a little white lie. If this step fails too, just marry him or her. There is no way running from your true love. Good luck dumping your so-called loved ones!

Gambar 1001 makna. (bukan ciplak dari Alip. Credit to Mang)
Oh rindu mereka giler giler ='(

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