Monday, January 12, 2009

First Week; 1st Wave of Indie Attack

First tiring week.

The first Sunday in the college (which I recall to be on 4th January 2009), me and my boys went to jamming the very night we registered. However, we only managed to play for about 40 minutes for the studio was full. Juwe brought his friend to play the drums, and my first impression is that he was extremely enthusiastic. I like his spirit.

Last Saturday (10th January 2009)
YOUTH'09 --- Battle of the Bands

It's only me, Zul and our very own Nur...

A graffiti of YOUTH'09; Welcome!

Encountered the Sailor Moon!!!

After the Battle of the Bands. All were damn tired.

An accidental snapshot by Zul. Nice though.

The photography corner. A whole lot of pictures.

Somehow she was kinda cute. Lighting effect.

She can really rocks. Really got the style.
Pay attention to my girlfriend (The black ACOUSTIC)


az said...

ak rock???????????? do i really look like that?? but am glad u dont call me minah rempit..wawawawa

Syahmi Yem said...

we r not calling you minah rempit, but minah scooter instead. hahaha... larry was losing a lot by not coming last sunday... i'm sure he was...

az said...

ok la.. i accept wateve u wanna call me.. minah scooter pown scooter la.. it's far better than remp-it wawawawawa.. BTW, can u plez discard diz word verification thingy.. troublesome lorr.

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