Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Very Own Starbucks… Thanks Grandma…

Tuesday, November 04, 2008 (Delayed Post)

Just finished helping out my mother and feeling a little disturbed for not being able to update my blog. Since there is no internet connection in my house, I have to do this again and again, delaying my posts. Dzul had called me just now and we had a little chat. I need somewhere, anywhere in the world to ease my feelings and relaxed; and I know just one place in my, my grandma’s house. My grandparents live alone with one of my other cousin where everyone was quiescent and doing things quietly. As we live very nearby, I would always take my laptop there and enjoy the peaceful environment with a cup of my favorite grandma’s coffee. I tell you this; she makes the best coffee in the world. In easier words, my grandparent’s house is the same as a Starbucks! Thanks, grandma. I love you so much!!!
By the way, my mother surprised me with her new recipe of beverages, Teh Tarik Dangdut. Here’s a picture of it, but believe me, it tasted as sweet as it looks!

The Hard to Get ROTTW

Friday, November 07, 2008 (Delayed Post)

I went around town this morning and try to look for the ROTTW V141, and I returned home in despair. It was nowhere to be found, maybe due to the delay. Damn it, this issue had a front page of my favorite guitarist, Jimi Hendrix. I even make my book review base on his biography.
I was currently listening to the tracks from a new indie band of Malaysia, Julie Goes Overseas.

It was so good and I would gladly recommend it to all local indie supporters.

There are only three tracks that I got from their latest demo, which are Si Dia, Jauh and Personaliti Berubah. They sound very similar to the music by OAG, but believe me, they were so good. I had just gotten the Demo from Laila’s Lounge and I think their best song would obviously be the one for KAMI The Movie OST, Mawar Khayalan. The other tracks? I don’t think they fit my taste. All the other songs have a weak vibe and only nice to help me to get some sleep.

Talking about KAMI, I read the review of KAMI The Concert in Bukit Jalil weeks ago, and I think my absence was a loss. I should have cancelled the jamming and just went to the gig. I really want to see how Julie Goes Overseas performs on stage. Next time, in another gig, maybe. Actually, I found the magazine at last! Hahaha….

I Miss My Class. Already~~~

Monday, November 03, 2008 (Delayed Post)

I went home from Shah Alam on Saturday, with Paan. Once I arrived home, the first thing that I looked for is my new electric guitar. Nope, it was not as new as I thought. A friend of my uncle gave him the guitar and my uncle gave it to me. Worst, to my disappointment, he had already warned me not to take the guitar to the college next semester.

Never mind, the old kapok would do. Here I put the picture of the guitar with my uncle’s massive amplifier and speakers. I was imagining if I own another electric guitar and he bought a drum set, we would have a very nice jamming room. For your information, let me write more about my uncle.

He was currently a rolling stone, but he owned his own miniscule function-organizer company, Anarooka Entertainment Sdn. Bhd. That explained how I was able to play the guitar using a very expensive mixer, plus an amplifier with the 1200 watt speakers. He once owns a band, when he was working as a driver in Klang. I’ve seen him jamming once, the first time I saw the old timers played. I wonder why wouldn’t he work as a sessionist, for his guitar and drum skills are very superb. My mother don’t like me to mingle with him and his friends so much, because they used to smoke those illegal, harmful you-know-what.
Talking about our last overnight, my fellow classmate, I was so tired to write about it. I was so afraid to type so much about that night because it will not be so worth if no one would really read about it. But do not worry, I will still write about that night, anyway. However, this time, the Overnight Log will not be chronological as before. I will write it with detailed enumeration on the characters of each of us. It will be so much fun.
Till next, enjoy.

Finals Ends, Enjoy Starts!

Monday, November 03, 2008 (Delayed Post)

Greetings, my loyal reader.
I will try to make this sound (or look) as clear as possible. The end of the last Final Examination paper, the Language Awareness paper indicates only one thing in the minds of those rebellious Glendalians, ENJOY!

As the exam ends at 1000 am, we all firstly went to have our lunch. After that, we all have decided to come back to the class at 1100 am to discuss on our plan that very day. I have tried my best to persuade Akmal to come and join us, but I think it was useless as he would never realize what we are really doing. The same weird Akmal, I heard some rumors saying that he will not go out except with those who have the same name with him. “Aku nak maen game r… Korang pegi je r, aku x bleh ikot…”

To hell with that, Akmal. You always give the same old, sick reason. One day, you would realize how wrong your decision is to be an ascetic as you are right now. Nadiah wants the overnight pictures. Yes, I do have it, but it was too many of them if I want to upload them into the network. Sorry, sweetheart, I will give it to you later. Imagine, in a night, we have captured about 326 pictures. Isn’t that fantastic?

Back to the main points, later that night, we all went to the Times Square to watch a movie. Then, we travel to the Pavillion and watch another movie. We walked to KLCC just to get chased off and next, to the monorail to get home. I will pleasurably write about the overnight in another post. Friday morning, I slept at 9 am and woke at 1230 pm. Returned from the mosque, I went jamming with those guys (it was the best jamming I ever had, thanks guys!!!).

I met the girls (As, Sari and Azleen) and went karaoke with them together with Paan afterwards. Nadiah disappoint me for not coming along that very day. You will pay, Nad. (Aritu aku ajak berbuke skali die tanak, ajak pegi karaoke pown refused gak… Ngade2 btol…) I’m looking forward for that.

Paan and I arrived at Cendana about almost 12 o’clock. Enjoyment for Glendalians… Once they started, they will never stop!!!

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