Saturday, January 10, 2009

tagged. mls tol.

* Name : Mohd Syahmi bin Yem (just call me nothing else but syahmi)

* Sisters : None

* Brothers : 3 little brothers, i'm the olldest.

* Shoe size : 9 kot???

* Height :163 cm. maybe.

* Where do you live : Kuantan, Pahang. (aku budak felda)

* Have you ever been on a plane : not yet. next year kot?

* Swam in the ocean : i hate swimming. bad experience.

* Fallen asleep at school : sometimes. depends.

* Broken someone’s heart : time and time again. i'm a bad guy.

* Fell off your chair : never. i used to always be lucky.

* Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : nope. never.

* Saved e-mails : one from QIBT, Australia.

* What is your room like : a mini studio? maybe. without the drumset and bass.

* What’s right beside you: zul jamming with his new guitar...

* What is the last thing you ate :nasik goreng biase.

Ever had…

* Chicken pox : don't remember. not important.

* Sore throat : always. i sang a lot.

* Stitches : used to. tp dh lme x kne.

* Broken nose : never wanted to.

* Do you Believe in love at first sight : yes. to my aria acoustic.

* Like picnics : if they were loud enough.

Who was/were…

* The last person you danced with : bai. the gig last saturday.

* Last made you smile : nur azleen. zul. ntah..

* You last yelled at : the overexcited vocalist in the battle of the band this evening. bajet sporting gler, crowd bleh suke. blah r kau.

Today did you…

* Talk to someone you like : *refused to answer*

* Kissed anyone : not yet.

* Get sick : damn excited.

* Talk to an ex : *tanak jawab gak. ak tataw r cmne situasi ktorg skrg*

* Miss someone : my nurse. missed her like hell. only if she knows it...

* Who do you really hate: myself.

* Do you like your hand-writing : very much. people says it was cute.

* Are your toe nails painted : hehe. nope.

* Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : i can sleep anywhere. just make sure it was dark enough.

* What color shirt are you wearing now : black. lom mndi ag.

* Are you a friendly person : i can't judge myself.

* Do you have any pets : yes. a blowfish named nadiah.

* Do you sleep with the TV on : i don't watch tv very much.

* What are you doing right now : practice for tomorrow's jamming.

* Can you handle the truth : if the situation demanded.

* Are you closer to your mother or father : mom.

* Do you eat healthy : not really.

* Do you still have pictures of you & your ex : just having my first break up.

* If you’re having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to : my guitar.

* Are you loud or quiet most of the time : quiet. sari can tell why.

* Are you confident : not always.

5 things I was doing 10 years ago :-

* playing crush gear.
* been the teacher's boy.
* nearly burned my grandma's house down.
* scolded a standard one boy.
* being bullied and bullying others.

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire :-

* bring my family to perform the Hajj.
* buy my father a volkswagen beetle.
* build a recording studio in my house.
* buy my father some goats and hire some workers.
* buy my home lot from FELDA.

5 of my bad habits :-

* i hurt people when i speak
* i make mistakes and always reluctant to admit it
* suke lmbt solat isyak...
* ske practice jamming sorg2...
* easily liking someone else

5 places I’ve lived/living :-

* batu 5, jalan gambang
* felda panching selatan
* hostel SMK Seri Ktn, Phg
* hostel SMS Alam Shah, KL
* hostel Intec, Shah Alam

5 peeps to tag this survey :-

* Wahid
* Zerrot
* Pojan
* Adib Afandi
* Shasha


az said...

Do you like your hand-writing : very much. people says it was cute.?????????????????????????? wawawawawawa...

Syahmi Yem said...

why r u laughing? hehehe... if u dont believe me, you cn ask su cheun... mwahahaha....

az said...

really? she always says nice thing to u when u made "the look".. :p wawawawawaawa

sEyfu zEro said...

syahmi syameyyy
aku buntu mase
nnt ble cny hols aku bwt eh

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