Sunday, February 26, 2012

LYNAS; Keep It Down. The World is Laughing.

Malaysia. Never grow tired of all those epic political stories.

Belum habis lagi kita bercakap pasal student power, solidarity strengthen with Guy Fawkes mask (well that's all it takes for you to know about solidarity), kecoh lagi pasal Lynas.

Tulisan ini bukan dari perspektif politik. I will make it sure.
Sebab they're watching us.
So lets leave political views out of this okay.

Aku pernah tulis pasal Lynas kat sini, so korang boleh klik dan baca apa cerita sebenar pasal radioaktif ni.

Apa yang aku nampak (as a student, I listen, I watch, and I think), we all blindly follow. Banyak sangat motif politik belakang isu ni. Mass hysteria have been used to control people, good moves, oppositions!

People are more likely to follow when they're scared, so instead listening to the people with best credibility and expertise on the matter, they are more likely to shout with their leaders (politicians that is, I figured out they might think it was cooler that way).

Government atau pembangkang, everyone with their own agenda. I shall not be worried about my government, but I am pretty concerned for my country.

Lynas was an inside job, they say, it wasn't safe, they say.

I'm sick of people trying to convey their political views through such issues, when everything was being politicized. As we are moving closer to the GE, everything is getting bad.

Why can't we fight Lynas by forming our own politics free NGO? No such political views involved. When you're going against Lynas, you mustn't be against the government. You might be just one of the tree lovers who cares about environment.

You politicized nature! What is wrong with this world? A fight against pollution used to be free from political views! You don't have to gather almost 20'000 people just to say "Reformasi", but why don't you say something like "Save the Earth" or maybe "Go Green!"?

This have gone wrong a long way. Stand for nature, will you? And don't stand for political parties! We are fighting for nature, and not for political parties! There's a hidden agenda behind everything that happens in Malaysia, and that's not looking good.

As for those who supports Lynas, stand up and make a statement! If those guys believe their politicians more than the AAEA experts we brought in, why don't we make it clear and more convincing? There's nothing to be scared of, unless we got something to hide?

Stop making everything so politics. First those guys stand up for student's power, and hell, it started with the wrong foot. Enough of all that political. We brought everything, from religions to nature into our argument. There's the gold digger, and there's the opportunist. This will never ends.

My dad is a Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) and he works with AELB to grant licenses for private companies. He went to the site and have been debriefed about the project, and I'm quite sure he knows whats wrong and whats right.

Well he says it all safe, and hell, I believe him more than the politicians.

Please, haven't you guys heard anything about credibility?

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