Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Identity Crisis; I’m on the Verge of Breaking Down

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I was really worn out from the day’s works, and I was writing the log for the second overnight but suddenly I thought that I should have written something about my current life, in the first place. Here is my pathetic life; ENJOY! My pointer for the Final Examination is the first thing to be worried about. I was so tensed up with my result and after checking it, I have lost my mood and skipped going to work. Next, I’ve called the music store in Plaza Alam Sentral, and asked him about the Lefthanded Electric guitar and he said that the last one was sold last week.

“kan aku dah booking?”
“ye r dik, tapi ko booking pon bukan letak deposit.”
“Abes nak order baru x dapat dah harge ney?”
“Balik harge asal r, RM799.”

I had just read the post by Zul, about the Fender Strat, and I would like to mention my gratitude for him. Nice effort, pal!

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