Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Very Own Starbucks… Thanks Grandma…

Tuesday, November 04, 2008 (Delayed Post)

Just finished helping out my mother and feeling a little disturbed for not being able to update my blog. Since there is no internet connection in my house, I have to do this again and again, delaying my posts. Dzul had called me just now and we had a little chat. I need somewhere, anywhere in the world to ease my feelings and relaxed; and I know just one place in my, my grandma’s house. My grandparents live alone with one of my other cousin where everyone was quiescent and doing things quietly. As we live very nearby, I would always take my laptop there and enjoy the peaceful environment with a cup of my favorite grandma’s coffee. I tell you this; she makes the best coffee in the world. In easier words, my grandparent’s house is the same as a Starbucks! Thanks, grandma. I love you so much!!!
By the way, my mother surprised me with her new recipe of beverages, Teh Tarik Dangdut. Here’s a picture of it, but believe me, it tasted as sweet as it looks!


faux fay said...

y its been calld teh tarik dangdut?? haha

FaRHaN SyAHiR said...

that the name..
tpi teh tarik ak xpenah tgok lg r..
kalo bndung 2 sng je nk bwat...haha

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