Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nobody Say That Life Was Fair…

Thursday, November 27, 2008

We aren’t always winning.
Sometimes we were just too contented with our life and somehow, become too pleased with it. However, we are unaware that the best life it not yet to be ours. It had just occurred to me that I was not satisfied enough with my life (human, they will never be satisfied with what they have). I was working almost 8 hours a day and most of my time at home was spent on playing games. My SAT examination is just coming out and I don’t think that I was ready enough to face it. I called Paan last night, and he had been studying quite a lot during all these time. While all of my friends and colleague was studying for the examination, I was busy working and collecting money. To be true, I was developing to be a workaholic. Nope, my job is not that interesting, if that what you think it might be. It was a harsh, tiring job which requires you to be strong either mentally or most importantly, physically. If you’re not, you might probably end up being scolded by some crazy old man who assumes himself as the big boss of the industry (even though he was obviously not). Enough about my job. I was now distressed on two things, which I thought had led me astray from my initial intention. The first one, or can I say, the worst one, is my increasing interest of playing music. I’m starting to lose focus on my study and started playing guitar more than studying. This was all caused by my action on changing the strings upside down so I can finally hold the chords like a normal right handed person. The solo part was made easier, and there is just many songs that I can play compared to those before. My mother was not so supportive of my interest in music, and I think she will not allow me to buy the left handed guitar. Damn. The next thing, is my laziness to study for my SAT Examination. It is not that I was overconfident on my ability to answer the question without any doubt or hesitation, but I think I was just too relaxed. I just don’t know. Maybe I will have to spend more time studying while having my instruments grounded in the store. *wink*

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