Saturday, April 2, 2011

Exogenesis Symphony: The Video

Last week, my most addicted songs was Exogenesis Symphony by Muse. So I went to Google and checked the concept and interpretation of the symphony. Here is what I got, and like to share.

Exogenesis Symphony (2009)
- A three movement symphony, with part one, Overture, part two, Cross-Pollination and part three, Redemption.
- Bellamy responded when asked on the symphony by saying;
There is a new song in three parts, more of a symphony than a song, which I have been working on sporadically for many years," said the singer, answering another question. "As a large percentage of the composition is orchestral, I have never wanted to collaborate with a string arranger as they may make it 'theirs'. So I have been arranging the orchestral elements myself, which is taking a long time. It should hopefully make the next album as the final three tracks.
- My own interpretation, together with Bellamy's concept of "panspermia", I thought I would make a full-length music video out of the symphony, with full respect to Muse. It will be a 15-minutes length video, depicting three different scenario on three different symphonic part.

- The first part; Overture, will show the destruction of our planet Earth, a total destruction that it was no longer inhabitable.

- The second part; Cross-Pollination, depicted that the civilization is saved by sending some astronauts to outer space, in search of a new, inhabitable planet.

- The third part; Redemption, is the new life started on the new planet, which is a new hope for all mankind to start over and do it better.

The work on this project is massive, for it takes me about 2 hours of time in order to complete a one-minute timeline editing. I have been working on this for about one week, and as for now, I have completed less than 25 percent.

Why would I spend hours and hours of video editing, dubbing soundtracks, mastering audio settings, annotating multiple clips and multi-trimming various movies? Because I enjoy doing it. Because I CAN do it. And you, haters, well, no, you can't.

Below is the trailer I made on the Symphony.

Feel ye then secure that He will not cause a slope of the land to engulf you, or send a sand-storm upon you, and then ye will find that ye have no protector? (17:68)
(Their way is) as the way of Pharaoh's folk and those before them; they disbelieved the revelations of Allah, and Allah took them in their sins. Lo! Allah is Strong, severe in punishment. (8:52)
Those are the verses of Quran related to the end of the world. Let us pray for the best for all our brothers and sisters, our human friends of all race and religion from Japan's disaster. May strength be blessed to them.

p.s. dunia sudah tua. kiamat kian dekat. masyarakat mari bertaubat.

Salam alaik~


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