Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Haters Will Hate

I refused to be what people want to see me become.

I refused to follow trends that some idiots made up.

I refused to be a fashion victim.

I believe someone have ever told you this,

"That was not beautiful at all. Poor taste of yours."

"Oh, please! Not that shoes! You need something more casual."

"What do you think? Do I look good in this jacket or this sweater?"

"Wait! Wait, for fuck sake! I need to get my hair combed first."

"Man, can you smell my perfume? I spend a lot on this one you know?"

Fuck your fashion! Fuck your fragrance! Fuck your looks!

Cause I j u s t  d o n ' t  c a r e ~ couldn't care less.

Call me whatever you want. Call me snobbish. Call me tasteless. Call me a chump.

You're a victim of your own dress, didn't you realize that?

Not that I don't care on how I look, but please man, glancing at the mirror like every 5 minutes? Are you kidding me?

I don't care if my hair was terrible, I don't care if I don't smell good, I don't care if my shoes don't go well with my shirt, I just don't fucking care~

I live independently, I listen to my own opinions, I do what I want my way. Then whatever the outcome will be, sure, it's my problem.

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