Saturday, November 14, 2009

Digging Up: RTW9

This afternoon, I went to SEMSAS, my brothers' school.
"Abang, nak masuk bilik jamming sekolah tak?"
"Takpe ke? Takut nanti cikgu marah plak."
"Takpe, cikgu takde. Angah handle."
"Orait. Jom jom."

The room got some quite good equipment around.  Well, you got to admit those schools with orchestra are always have big amount of money spent on their musical instruments. As my brother and me entered the room, those Form 4 students were about to play 'Si Dia' by Julie Goes Overseas. Well, that's what I call pure independent music.
As I looked around, there was a couple of Marshall amplifier (I could tell that it was 100W or more), a Hartke amplifier (for the bass guitar) and also a Yamaha drum set. There is one Gibson Les Paul guitar (I could tell that it was the ES series, but I'm not sure which one it is) and a Yamaha Pacifica guitar. The bass was a Fender Precision. Those guys does have some potential, and I'm sure they will do better if they have the focus.

Larry's blog told me to dig it up, and I was thinking to dig up some music from the upcoming Rock The World 9.


This band was known as a phenomena for the independent scene of  Malaysia. Some might say that this statement is a poor judgement by an amateur like me, but they have to admit that this band really make up the scene. Suddenly, as those guys were playing 'Situasi' and 'Revolusi', everybody knows indie! They have been conformed as one of the images and icons of independent scene. Well, they really have made the Revolution of the current Situation.
During the performance at the KL Tower Indie Fest (Part 2) 2009 (click here for my review), they have been quite  f***ed up by the crowds. The issue was about them being the front cover for a local mainstream magazine. Well, ain't got no comment on that.
Hopefully this time The Land of Hope will have them performing Fine as the High School Rocker without any problems caused by those Silly Lilly's. (^_^)

Robot Asmara

I have listened to one of their demo's but that was a long time ago. Well, ain't following this band so much actually. Let's proceed.

Zee Avi

Well, everyone must have known about Bitter Heart, of even Kantoi. This girl was a legend. She was fighting for the independent scenes of Malaysia in the United States, and unexceptionally was one of my idol. Patriotism is something you should practice in everything you do. Acoustic could never be too good for her and besides Estrella, she was one of the reason I've started to dig up everything about jazz music. Love Zee Avi!


Kaiser Cheifs. Known for their identity of their black spectacles and the smart appearance, this band also have a superb keyboardist. They have stood tall and proud for quiet a long time and still, they have all sorts of fans from all over the world. This band is one of the band that I really longed to watch. Their live performance was a lot better than their records and I was absolutely sure, the British slang they use is one of the reasons they attracted a lot of fans from all over the world. Capital E, Perfect Match, Kucing Hitam, there's a long list of top hits. They really got a strike. Hopefully the stage lighting that night will be on their side!

Republic of Brickfields

Aru. Koffin Kanser? haha. Those are two things mostly related to ROB. So now it's time for a little Jamaican reggae music. Quit moshing for a while, and start dancing around in the music of love! One thing that I always remember about this band is that, Paan introduced me to them! Quite some effective track they have (which I know) is great enough that you can sing along until your throat is sore! There's no need for me to remind you about 'Ganjaran', 'Emansipasi' and the one I love the most, 'Orang Planet'. Don't really like to listen to Koffin Kanser, but I love Aru as in ROB. Go Aru!


"Forget The Difference, Lets Work As One". Restraint, the HARDCORE PRIDE! This band has a bunch of hardcore kids all around the country ready to do some Pig Circle or even the Wall of Death. A little advice for the crowd, make some space for their fans when this band is performing. I've listened to their track of Pure From Blood and they really have the sound of pure hardcore. Well, I might not have any credibility to comment on their performances and songs, but here's a little trivia; the drummer of Restraint is the same drummer of Cassandra (hit that double pedal hard, man!). Until The End, Pure From Blood, This Promise, well, those are the things that make my heart rate doubled.

Kugiran D' Tepi Pantai

DAMN! I thought this quartet (it was instrumental, if you wasn't informed) was no longer survived! For it was the tunes of my half-century father (well, my father really listened to this quartet, and me too!). Not much overdrive, almost all-clean effects, tricky riffs and tight bass line. This might be the first time I see those guys performing (and it might be the last, too!). The best track for me is always 'Smash Your Head to the Wall'.

Meet Uncle Hussain

This is the band rising up, taking their perfect position on the scene together with Hujan, but having an early downfall compared to Hujan. I thought they were no longer performing (but some sources says that there will still be MUH even without Lan). Missed their songs such as Hanya Khayalan, Halusinasi, Mahkota, Pura-pura and the my fingers ached as the list goes on~

Car Crash Hearts

This band is new, but I know they got massive potential. The first time I saw them performing is when they were playing as the opening scene for the Rockaway 09. The only song I've listened is 'Rahsia' and I know they might as well have a strong position on the mainstream.

Skudap Skudip

Shah Alam RAWKS!!! Those guys were exceptionally awesome and they was always so down to Earth. There will be so much fun if Dodd was holding the microphone. I've remembered one time when we were jamming at Applejam Studio in Seksyen 7, Shah Alam, I met the keyboardist of Skudap Skudip on the way upstairs. From the outside of the studio, we heard them playing their songs. Ever heard of 'Mamamu Benci Aku', 'Mengapa Kenapa', 'Lari', 'Potret' and 'Gadis Jadian'? Bukan sudu, bukan sudip, tapi Skudap Skudip! Go DODD! royal town ska~


One word for this band. COOL! They have been around for quite a long time and they were still kicking. Always a good time for NOTHING CRAPPY and start to sing along again! No need for further writings about this band... Everybody knows it when it comes to Aidil and Ariana.

40 Winks

A ska band from Klang (if I was not mistaken) consist of 10 guys with such an amazing brass sections and established pipes functions. Those guys can really kick some cool sounds out of their performance. Last watched them during the Peace to World 09 by Twozhe Production. 'Mak Minah', 'Over You Follow My Heart' and ect, they do have the sounds.

The Times

THE TIMES. This is a really great band. They sounded almost close to OAG but still, they have the identity themselves. Naza always have a great and *a word is lost here* control over the crowd. This band was my addictive, and still they be. Mono played a great and tight bass line and as far as I remembered, he played the bass for The A.C.A.B during the KL Tower Indie Fest.

Fuhh...tiring post. Well that goes all. Till next time.

p/s: here I go, promoting the English language again~ =P


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