Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Miss My Class. Already~~~

Monday, November 03, 2008 (Delayed Post)

I went home from Shah Alam on Saturday, with Paan. Once I arrived home, the first thing that I looked for is my new electric guitar. Nope, it was not as new as I thought. A friend of my uncle gave him the guitar and my uncle gave it to me. Worst, to my disappointment, he had already warned me not to take the guitar to the college next semester.

Never mind, the old kapok would do. Here I put the picture of the guitar with my uncle’s massive amplifier and speakers. I was imagining if I own another electric guitar and he bought a drum set, we would have a very nice jamming room. For your information, let me write more about my uncle.

He was currently a rolling stone, but he owned his own miniscule function-organizer company, Anarooka Entertainment Sdn. Bhd. That explained how I was able to play the guitar using a very expensive mixer, plus an amplifier with the 1200 watt speakers. He once owns a band, when he was working as a driver in Klang. I’ve seen him jamming once, the first time I saw the old timers played. I wonder why wouldn’t he work as a sessionist, for his guitar and drum skills are very superb. My mother don’t like me to mingle with him and his friends so much, because they used to smoke those illegal, harmful you-know-what.
Talking about our last overnight, my fellow classmate, I was so tired to write about it. I was so afraid to type so much about that night because it will not be so worth if no one would really read about it. But do not worry, I will still write about that night, anyway. However, this time, the Overnight Log will not be chronological as before. I will write it with detailed enumeration on the characters of each of us. It will be so much fun.
Till next, enjoy.

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