Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Hard to Get ROTTW

Friday, November 07, 2008 (Delayed Post)

I went around town this morning and try to look for the ROTTW V141, and I returned home in despair. It was nowhere to be found, maybe due to the delay. Damn it, this issue had a front page of my favorite guitarist, Jimi Hendrix. I even make my book review base on his biography.
I was currently listening to the tracks from a new indie band of Malaysia, Julie Goes Overseas.

It was so good and I would gladly recommend it to all local indie supporters.

There are only three tracks that I got from their latest demo, which are Si Dia, Jauh and Personaliti Berubah. They sound very similar to the music by OAG, but believe me, they were so good. I had just gotten the Demo from Laila’s Lounge and I think their best song would obviously be the one for KAMI The Movie OST, Mawar Khayalan. The other tracks? I don’t think they fit my taste. All the other songs have a weak vibe and only nice to help me to get some sleep.

Talking about KAMI, I read the review of KAMI The Concert in Bukit Jalil weeks ago, and I think my absence was a loss. I should have cancelled the jamming and just went to the gig. I really want to see how Julie Goes Overseas performs on stage. Next time, in another gig, maybe. Actually, I found the magazine at last! Hahaha….

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