Thursday, November 13, 2008

Finals Ends, Enjoy Starts!

Monday, November 03, 2008 (Delayed Post)

Greetings, my loyal reader.
I will try to make this sound (or look) as clear as possible. The end of the last Final Examination paper, the Language Awareness paper indicates only one thing in the minds of those rebellious Glendalians, ENJOY!

As the exam ends at 1000 am, we all firstly went to have our lunch. After that, we all have decided to come back to the class at 1100 am to discuss on our plan that very day. I have tried my best to persuade Akmal to come and join us, but I think it was useless as he would never realize what we are really doing. The same weird Akmal, I heard some rumors saying that he will not go out except with those who have the same name with him. “Aku nak maen game r… Korang pegi je r, aku x bleh ikot…”

To hell with that, Akmal. You always give the same old, sick reason. One day, you would realize how wrong your decision is to be an ascetic as you are right now. Nadiah wants the overnight pictures. Yes, I do have it, but it was too many of them if I want to upload them into the network. Sorry, sweetheart, I will give it to you later. Imagine, in a night, we have captured about 326 pictures. Isn’t that fantastic?

Back to the main points, later that night, we all went to the Times Square to watch a movie. Then, we travel to the Pavillion and watch another movie. We walked to KLCC just to get chased off and next, to the monorail to get home. I will pleasurably write about the overnight in another post. Friday morning, I slept at 9 am and woke at 1230 pm. Returned from the mosque, I went jamming with those guys (it was the best jamming I ever had, thanks guys!!!).

I met the girls (As, Sari and Azleen) and went karaoke with them together with Paan afterwards. Nadiah disappoint me for not coming along that very day. You will pay, Nad. (Aritu aku ajak berbuke skali die tanak, ajak pegi karaoke pown refused gak… Ngade2 btol…) I’m looking forward for that.

Paan and I arrived at Cendana about almost 12 o’clock. Enjoyment for Glendalians… Once they started, they will never stop!!!

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