Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Northern Lights.

the northern lights.

it's the same old sky.
the same old brilliant blue sky.
the same starry blunt sky.
the same sky i looked up at night when i was young.

but tonight, years and years later.
i see it being different.
there's light shining between the clouds.
mom says, things changed.
but not for me, not yet.
the sky might be different, but intuition can never be wrong.

yesterday i woke up to a grey sky.
gloomy morning, quiet and lonely.
while i was making my coffee, droplets came down.
cracking the silence from the edge of the horizon.
slowly. faster. faster. faster.

the smell of the rain.
the smell of the coffee.
i closed my eyes. empty minded.
nothing but song of the falling rain.
and hey, the smell of a morning coffee.
oh, and the smell of my home land.

it touches my heart. funny though.
it such a long way down.
long, long way down.
tumbled a time or two. hurts my knees and elbows.
time and time again.

when i am hurt, i learned. yes, hell i do.
now tell me, what you want to hear?
what ever you want to hear from me?
for my days are close. might be a day or so.
might be a week or so.
just remember me though.
please do remember me.

because you know what?
i will remember the sound. remember the smell.
i will sleep and dreamed of it all.
tonight, tomorrow, over and over again.
this is my words and my words is what i hold on to tightly.

remember the warmth. of love.
if things gone bad, pray that i'll survive.
pray. pray. pray.
it keeps me alive all these times.

you shall believe.
i shall survive.
these strength aren't mine.
no, they aren't.
they're ours. mine. yours.
together we'll strive.

yet we remember the good old days we're here.
i'm proud of us.
the blood in your vein, hey, it's also mine.
came from the same place we have.
all of us.
better believe me.

and now, shall the northern lights keep on shining.
for eternity.

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