Sunday, June 21, 2009

3 days on mount olympus.

Now it's time for me to write in the most scholarly manner, as I had been writing 'informally' for quite a few posts.

Friday - The ALM Grand Dinner at Grand Bluewave Hotel.
This is the most awaited event for us. Not that we are those ALM 8 students who were about to leave Malaysia, but we have been practicing quiet a lot for this event. Those guys from ALM have invited 'Undecided' to play on their big night, and we were very much pleased and intrigued by the offer. So I may say, we have been practicing time and time again, going jamming as much as twice a week, as well as the regular session at Cendana. This time the practicing session was made easy, for our equipment is finally enough. We got two electric guitar and a bass. So what we're lacking was just a drumset and a mic. That all could wait, I guess. We were scheduled to play only three songs that night, but we get to play five songs instead of three. So we played the scheduled 'Perfect Situation - Weezer', 'Baby, I'm Yours - Arctic Monkey' and 'All the Small Things - Blink 182'. By popular request, we played another two songs, 'Creep - Radiohead' and 'Like a Stone - Audioslave'.
I haven't go to the ADFP Dinner, but I guess, if the ADFP Dinner is as good as the ALM Dinner, I will attend it even if it cost me RM75. Oh, yet to be mentioned, those guys from ALM rented the drumset and the amplifiers for us to play for about RM500. So I salute you guys, the organizers from ALM. Counting up all the cost of inviting us, RM75 x 6 persons + RM500 = RM950. See, they spend about RM950 only on making it possible for us to perform. They deserve a recognition for this, not us.
How's the dinner's going? Perfectly well, I might say. Their theme for the night was 'The Shades of White'. Maybe because of the presence of the director of INTEC and not to forget, the Vice Director of Students affair, the ALM students were dressed up in a perfect conduct. Not to mention their ethics and mannerism, which is for me, is highly applausible. Well, at least nobody, and I really mean nobody wears anything too 'revealing'. There's even one person who I noticed was wearing a 'purdah', if I was not mistaken, the piece of cloth that women use to cover their mouth. Well, 'The Shades of White' really shown the purity of those future doctors. Congratulations, guys.
p/s: ADFPians, let's learn something from them and make our next dinner better. (^_^)

Saturday - Rockaway '09, The Free Rock Concert
Having been fully worn out from the last night performance, I woke up late. Somewhere around 11 o'clock in the morning, I woke up hearing the voice of Wak and Aly. DAMN! I'm late for the concert! Aly was not even bother to wake me up when he come to my room. So I rushed to the bathroom and get ready for the concert that will ease my 'addiction' to music.
Let's go, guys. So Aly, Zamy and I went to the bus station and take a cab to the KTM Station. While we have arrived at the station, Wahi and the others were still waiting for a cab. Girls, typically girls.
So here we are, at the KL Sentral PUTRA LRT station. Then the train came by and we get on board. Somehow, somebody remembered something. We were supposed to wait for Aqilah at the KL Sentral Station but we have already left her. No matter what, the journey goes on...
At the Rockaway Entrance. Now that's the crowd that I've been talking about. Once the gate was opened, those guys rushed into the place, while we were just looking from a distance. When things get a little unpacked, we went into the venue. First thing first, grab our free stuff! Those guys were really uncivilised, I get to feel the real feeling being a part of the moshing crowd who never think about anyone else but themselves. It was really a new experience. At least, I got my free bag and stuff at last.
Now to the concert. You know what a free concert will be like. Everyone from all sorts of ages and appearance will be around you. you don't know them, and you don't want to know them, but they all sing the same tunes with you. It's how MUSIC UNITES PEOPLE. Quite a good lineup. And COUPLE and BUNKFACE had came out with a terrrific setlist. Nice go.

Sunday - Glendale Reunion at Bukit Cerakah
Now here's a perfect reunion. I don't know about others, but I enjoyed this a lot. Thanks, guys!
penat menulis. nnti sambung. (^_^)

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