Sunday, October 19, 2008

The SX Lefthanded; Between Reality

Saturday, October 18, 2008 (delayed post)
This morning I had my CTIS final examination. No comment on it. InsyaAllah, God’s willing, I will passed it with flying colors. Right after the exam, me and Zul went jamming.

Our band members was not enough, as Sawi wanted so bad to go home and Larry had to go to the church. So we have no drummers.

Luckily, Juwe know to play drums, even without a rapid rolling and some major hanging (I don’t have any knowledge, let alone talent to play drums). He had done great. It was great, even it was just me, Zul, Kamarul and Juwe was playing.

The next best thing, I bought a new strap from Lestari, a red and black guitar strap. It was very nice (it is not an Ibanez’s, not as branded as yours, Sawi…). Can’t wait to try it with my guitar (I miss my guitar so bad…).

My uncle had bought me a new guitar as a gift, and I was eager to go home for it!

The next important thing, I saw a white SX Lefthanded electric guitar in Lestari.

I’ve tried it, and it costs RM620. I asked for discount from brader Nazri, but he refused. “T u pon dah offer r… Dah x boley kurang ag r…”, he said.

The white SX has 3 electronic pickup and two volume control knobs, one for the master volume and one for the tone. Too bad, it doesn’t come with an amplifier. I was very surprised to see it there. The last time I saw a lefthanded guitar was in the Yamaha shop in Mid Valley. And it was priced almost a thousands. I just don’t know.

Should I use my 2nd semester allowance to buy a lefthanded guitar?

Please help me with some rational comments…

p/s: today I discovered that brader Nazri was the guitarist of The Poetical Kingdom, a well known band. Way to go bro!

Not to forget, thanks to my uncle, Pak Epu or Bob Anarooka, for such commitments and support!

To my band members, brader Nazri marah korang. Die cakap band kite x organized… But in a way, I think he was right… Better do something about it, guys.

Final exam’s coming up in two weeks; better forget about music first… Fight for JPA!!!

My new strap... Looked bloody red!!!

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