Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Overnight Log; Full Update

PAan was rite. Everything was going on unplanned. I remember the moment when Nadiah said
"Wei korang.. Sape nak ikot aku pegi Mid... Aku nak tido ngan kawan aku..." Then I said,
"Aku nak ikot!!! Aku pown nak tido ngan kawan ko gak!!!"

Then everyone like, "come2, let's go to the Mid Valley together! Then PAan said,

"Jom pegi overnight nk? Alang2 dah lewat sgt ney..."
Then Fasha was somehow reluctant to go... I really feel such a loss...

It was about 7 o'clock when we all arrived at the Shah Alam KTM station. There was about 10 person who was going to Mid. My eyes searched for Fasha, but to my dissapointment, she was nowhere to be seen. Looks like we have to go on without her.
7 p.m.

Still in the KTM. Talked so loud just like we owned the train. Still got some time to snap some pics.

8 sumting p.m.

We finally arrived at Mid Valley. After a tiring journey on the train. Rushed to the Surau to perform our solat. Thank God, we've made it. Just as we finished our solat Maghrib, Zul moved forward to be the Bilal. That's my friend!!! What's next? Another snaps!!!If I was a GOLDFISH, what would you call yourself, Ms. Annoying?

9.00 p.m.

Having our dinner at the food junction. Faiz was really eager to eat at the Burger King. As a very good friend, I said "Fine, Faiz, let's go grab some Burger King." After a long stroll searching for it, we finally found it. We tapau it and brought it back to the food junction. As you might expect, another snap!

10.00 p.m.

Waiting for the train to arrive. Nadiah has to leave. So sad, I haven't even got the chance to say hi to her friends! Nevermind... I hope she had a good time sleeping with her friends...

The d**n train is so da** late. Thanks to that, we manages to get some snaps. Again.

11.03 p.m.

In the train at KL Sentral. Specifically, the Putra LRT, on our way to KLCC. Just enough time for another snap!

11.11 p.m.

Arrived at KLCC.

All of us was just too enthusiastic. I don't know, maybe fueled by the midnight sweat plus the teenage hormone. Rushed into Suria and in no time, paved our way to the TGV Cinema. Got one beautiful snap in the lift.

Then, bought some popcorns and coke for the movie, while Paan bought the tickets. Zul spent about RM52.80 for the popcorns and coke, while PAan paid about RM99 for the tickets. Spent so much there. Then we went into the movie... And enjoy the show!!!

When I say enjoy the show, we really do! Less than a quarter of the cinema is occupied, so we just like conquered the whole cinema! We was so noisy, until someone from our back said "Shut up!". Unfortunately, nobody responded to her...

KAMI... The best Malay movie I had ever seen! Nani almost cried that moment.. huhu.. poor Abu.. He doesn't deserved to died that way...

It's was about 2 a.m when we finished watching the movie... I really enjoyed it.. went out, take some more pictures, and move on...

Those guys and girls were very enthusiastic. I think we have conquered the Suria KLCC, as we take pictures anywhere we want, and we talked so loud until the security guards look at us like we are some kind of rascalS!

This picture that we take in front of the boutique of the Quiksilver is one of the best catch that night. I love it!

After that, we start making our way to outside the KLCC.

We are still strolling around KLCC by that moment; I spotted some particular landmarks such as the building of Lembaga Getah Malaysia and also the Traders Hotel. We follow our own feet to take us where we belong. It was like going through a treasure hunt. When we saw a dark street, which have less lighting, we will search for the brighter road. Time and time again, we came across the police patrol car that would just stare at us from inside the moving patrol car and keep on moving. Unfortunately, we have two under aged people, who is Sari and Paan. Fortunate enough, we don’t have any problem with the authority that particular night. After a few minutes’ walk, we came across an exclusive mamak restaurant.

3.00 a.m.

Lepak2 at the mamak restaurant, still. I just have a teh tarik, enough to keep me awake for the whole night. Well, all of us was just drinking, we are not planning to eat yet. After about an hour at the NZ Café, we left to continue our journey.
3.45 a.m.
Feeling very exhausted, we have a little rest in front of the Crowne Plaza. I don’t really know that place, but I think it was like a 5 star hotel. When we were snapping some pictures, there was a guy (an Indian), walking out from the hotel, past us and said, “Hi girls… Enjoying yourself?” We just kept silent and watched him walked down the street. He’s drunk.
4.20 a.m.

Arrived at the Pavillion, KL. The street was not as empty as we thought, as KL is also the city that never sleeps. Taken a very nice picture, inspired from the movie that we just watched, KAMI. When we was taking this picture, a group of motorist (we could assume them as Mat Rempit) saw us and shouted, “Ape tu??!!!” We just laughed and raised our hands. When we was about to take the picture of a giant Gucci advertisement in front of the Pavillion, a security guard approaches us and mention that we are prohibited to capture a photo in that area. Feeling down, we continue to walk.

4.45 a.m.

Found a Seven Eleven. We rushed into the store and bought some drinks, a Big Gulp. A few steps ahead, we arrived at our destination, Jalan Bukit Bintang. We entered a 24 hours Mcdonald and sleep there. Those guys and girls were sleeping, but I’m not. Just looking at them sleeping pleased me enough. I have my coffee while reading Faiz’s CHIP. That’s what’s best for me.

5.30 a.m.
Those people finally woke up. I went out with Firdaus and Faiz to see the monorail, if it already opened to the public. Sadly, the system will just be running at 6 a.m. Faiz went back to the Macdonald to tell the others, while Firdaus and I walked down The Golden Triangle to find a birthday card for his girlfriend.
6.00 a.m
We were all already inside the monorail. It was so cold, and I just can’t stand it. So I sleep, even it feels like sleeping in a freezer. Never mind, it was a rare experience!

6.30 a.m.

Arrived at KL Sentral. Rushing to perform our subuh prayer. After that, bought our Komuter tickets and head straight back to Shah Alam. Suddenly, everyone was just like too fresh in the Komuter. Everyone was like teasing each other and we are laughing all the way home. It was a great moment. Sari was our victim, as Paan continuously teased her for her chubby cheek. I was just playing along.

7.30 a.m.
Arrived at Shah Alam. Time flies so fast in the Komuter. However, we all do have fun. Take a cab to Seksyen 18, as we all planned to go there and have some breakfast. In the cab, I called up Fasha and told her to join us in the breakfast. There she goes, regretted after listening to our wonderful story.

8.30 a.m.
Arrived at Cendana with a cab. Sleeping time!!!!!


faux fay said...

u mish fasha??

ImHaYsL3fTy said...

why am i to mish her?
nope... unfortunately...
maybe next tyme... (^-^)

faux fay said...

u better delete my pix ngah tido tue if u want to breath in this world.. hahhaahahha.. SYAHMI~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ImHaYsL3fTy said...

tanak!!!! hehehehehehe.....

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