Thursday, November 10, 2011

111111 - A Note to Life

My head hurts.

My eyes. They hurts too.
Bulging out my skull in some way. Feels like it's gonna bleed.

My mouth is dry. My face is numb.
Fucked up and spun out in my room.

Feels like a tornado in my heart. Like the crystal ball with fake snows in it been tossed around.
My spine is crooked. My left leg is killing me. Muscular inflammation, I guess. Too much skating around.

But really, I am so physically and mentally weared out.

Maybe I will try to take a nap and wish for a better tomorrow.

I can try.

All these toiling for better future is suddenly making me tired. It's the damned thing. I'm really getting snoozy here.

My head feels, like, thick, you know? It's really hard to focus.

But seriously, life, can we take a break for just a little bit? Take five, or something?

I'd really appreciate it.

You guys just keep doing what you're doing okay. Been a wonderful thing knowing all of you. Keep up the good work okay.


Just give me a second or two to catch my breath.

I'm going to lie back down.

Wake me up when it's over.

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