Wednesday, December 22, 2010

World Trade Center and Dawson's Creek

Yes, I know. These two things doesn't come in any common.

Let me break it up to you first, one by one.

World Trade Center is a 2006 movie, where you can reach the link from IMDB here. It is a movie starred by Nicholas Cage, which has won two awards and other six nominations. The story shows a real-time plot from the massacre which happened back in 2001. This is the movie, if I had to name one, which have caught my eyes and penetrate right through my heart. Not every movie (I remembered a couple who have big inter-emotional impact on me, which is August Rush and 500 Days of Summer), but this one is the best. It taught us that the terrorist attack does not mean that we have to be vengeful, but instead, appreciate the life that we have now. I started to miss my family once I've seen this one. Damn it. But seriously, this one's a real good movie. Download it, stream it, rent or buy the DVD, any way possible, watch it.

The quote that I really loved from this movie;
"9/11 showed us what human beings are capable of. The evil, yeah, sure. But it also brought out the goodness we forgot could exist. People taking care of each other for no other reason than it was the right thing to do. It's important for us to talk about that good, to remember. 'Cause I saw all of it that day."

Here's a trailer to the movie;

So the place where once stood proudly the twin towers, now become a lifeless field, which we were about to build a mosque, a place where people repent for their mistakes, be grateful of their God-given life and responsibility to lead the other humans from strayed path, and learn to love each other. Put aside the conspiracy, this attack does not tell us only about the evil, it also teach us on how to love. How? Go figure. But seriously, Ground Zero is one of the place I want to visit when I'm hitting on NYC next year.

 And now, what about Dawson's Creek?

Oh, this is another drama, another series, soap opera, or whatever it was called, which have caught my eyes, and my heart. Oh, I swear I could cry watching this. This six seasons series was a big impact on my teenage years, as the first season, first episode were out on 1998. I followed each episode, which back then were played on RTM2, every Tuesday and Thursday at 9.30 PM. Yeah, fuck homework, to hell with the computers, I'm off to watch my favorite girls on TV. For a 8 year old boy, what do I know huh? Right it's pretty simple and yet I can't explain myself. Got it, guilty as charged. Look for the information on the series on IMDB here. Oh, damn. My favorite girls. I can't believe I'm breaking it out for you guys.

*here's the intro part of Season 1, Episode 1 (I guess)*

Okay here I go. Joey Potter. Please don't put it as I like Katie Holmes or whatever, I just like Joey Potter. She was an average teenage girl back then, yeah, you know, before she got trapped in scientology with Tom Cruise. As Joey, she was an independent girl, an out-of-the-norm adolescent who lives with her sister, lost her mother to a harsh breast cancer and his dad got caught for transporting marijuana and got put into jail. She have been good friend with Dawson for her entire life, I mean since she was a little girl. They watch movies together, they play together, they act together, and they even sleep together. They finally arrived at one point where they both grown up to be 15, and it all start to get awkward. Dawson loves Joey, and she felt the same thing, but no one break it up. So everything is getting more and more and more complicated.

*and 12 years ago, I said to my mom, "When I grow up, I want to marry this girl.*
Damn you Tom Cruise! 

All right, done with Joey. So here's about a girl I like more that Joey. Jen Lindley. A big city girl who were sent by her parents to Capeside to stay with her grandmother because of her wild behavior back in the New York city. A typical, yet stunning American Girl, which makes me wanted to go to America and here I am, haha. What else do you want? Beautiful blonde hair, above average sized boobs, red, moist pouty lips and long eyelashes. Perfectly tailored for perfection. The cast was by Michelle Williams, who if I was not mistaken, the wife of the Joker, Heath Ledger if you know him. But back then she was just an average small time actor, before she became a movie star the next following years. I love you Jen! Haha yes sure I do.

*Jen~ Speechless~~*

Owh, and I though I could finally come into conclusion here. On September 11, 2001, the time was something after 9.30 PM. I was about to get ready to watch my favorite show, Dawson's Creek when an emergency casting interrupted. It was about the WTC attack. I ran down to tell my father but he won't believe me. As I remembered, I said, "Abah, ada bangunan kat US kena langgar kapal terbang." But he was busy chatting, and he would just ignore me. Being also ignorant, I just continued watching the show afterwards. Well we were just a primary school student back then aren't we?

So here's the meeting point. It was all connected somehow. Dawson's Creek and World Trade Center. If I'm about to cry watching movies, it would be this two. No other could. 

Someday, I'll watch these with my beloved girlfriend on a Saturday night. We'll fall asleep to the movies. Cool huh? Sabar okey?


Till next time, jom sambung hibernate. Winter is cool. Well, I mean cold, thank you.

Salam alaik~


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