Friday, October 15, 2010

Love; Listen.

Mohd Syahmi Yem
Instructor: Beth Seilberger

The first duty of love is to listen. – Paul Tillich

            How long can you listen to your lover talking before you got bored? This is actually the secret of a successful relationship; where both of you were able to stay up all night talking about things. It is very important in a relationship that you get the communication correct. The communication between one another is a crucial item which able to keep the relationship strong for always. For all mundane, insensitive guys (yes, included myself) out there, I know you were not quite a good motivator for your girlfriend, but at least, try to listen to her. Girls (in this case, mostly are) need a lot of unnecessary attention. Try bear with that for a while, and you will get used to it. And as for girls, I hate to break this up to you but you will have to listen to your boyfriend’s curses, be it to his smelly roommate, his screwed test or even his stupid friend. Just don’t respond to it; for this will annoy us, the guys. But I’m sure you got the point; listen. Guys are usually not an attention seeker; they rather are alone sometimes, but you must keep track of his progress. Ask him about his life, tell him your stories, and even talk to him about the things he liked to talk about, even if you don’t really like the stuff. A good listener makes a good lover (Syahmi Yem, 2010). It is good for you to try to become a better listener, either active or passive, a listener for sure will make a good lover. So if you want to succeed in maintaining your relationship, keep on listening!

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