Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a little blue bird

a little blue bird Tucana
flying through a window
out into the widespread world
to a place he never know

out of his reach
out of his bound
he saw a brightly shining star
a beautiful star called Achernar

Tucana tried to fly into spaces
but he failed.
he stared at Achernar
and fall in love with the star

wake up! Tucana!
Achernar is not for you.
for it may not compare; a star to a little blue bird

so Tucana realized; Achernar is too high; too perfect.
he won't reach her, even if the sky collapsed.
he's late. but at least he realized it. For Achernar brightly shone over him.

Achernar blinded Tucana. Blame the bright light. Blame the beauty.
So now he was blind. He can't fly anymore; for he can't see his path.
Achernar continued to shone.

Poor Tucana. Blinded by Achernar.
A little blue bird to a star; no match at all.
So now he suffer from his mistakes, but he will never blame Achernar.
Because now he know where he stands.

*Tucana is a constellation, I saw it tonight, the northern sky. It was in the form of a bird. Achernar was a star, about 148.32 light years from Earth. It was also visible tonight. Thanks to both of them for being such an inspiration to me*

p/s: it was 4.00 am and the sky is filled with stars. i wish i could be like one of those...


alia adil shah said...

yaw. a nice pour-out :)
saya rasa awk boleh major dlm literature. :)

ecca zulaikha said...

We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have. (:

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