Thursday, April 16, 2009

The True Meaning of Life.

I've gone through a very hard time recently, and I think I'm fully recovered.
Sorry guys and girls, pals and mates, friends and companions.
I've been acting like such a jerk lately. But now I'm ok. Seriously.
Life has been quiet a funny thing, and I have learnt so many things from it.
for my various readers, i know that you might enjoy reading my so-called-personal blog.
But now I understand one thing for sure.
Blog is for us to give opinions, our point of views and perspectives on others.
It's not all about ourself. Not supposed to be.
When we were lost, always go back to basic. That's one of the reasons for us to have faith in our religion. To obtain a guideline for ourselves when we were lost, after strayed for quiet a lengthy period.
Friends, ask yourself, will you survive without friends? I need you to look back to one of my previous post, entitled For True Friends Last Forever. Yes, we would have some problems from time to time. Confrontations are typical. It varies according to how we managed to handle it.
But please. There's always room and chances to make it up again. Believe in yourself and your friends, put aside all of the hatred feeling and spend some time together.
I've recently become a featured writer at, and I kind of like it. Seriously, it really improves my writing skills. Being together with all the other established writers from around the world, I feel appreciated. Check out the website, and search for 'syahmi yem' (giler poyo! haha)
The last performance during Malam Ko-PLN. I really enjoyed it. A lot. The bass line for 'Lena Diulit Intan' was not so easy, and it hurts my fingers a lot. But I don't mind. It worth the blister.
The next thing is those who remember my birthday. A lot of gratitute for all of you. Millions of thanks to
- My parents (miss you guys so much)
- My classmates (Eugenius)
- Mr. Kamal (the first person who wished me!)
- My ex-Classmates (Glendalians)
- Afiqah (thanks for the card)
- Nadiah + Nani + Nur (thanks for the cakes)
- Zerrot + Qiqi Lala (thanks for the drink)
- Kapao + Jukie + Adlil + Larry/Salim
- As + Syimma + Azleen (wakil res-q?)
- Wahie (sorry, I was practicing for the performance when you called)
- And a lot more that I was not to mention here. I love u guys.
It will be quiet a long time before I updated my blog again, as the finals are approaching. Got to work hard on it. Finally, GOOD LUCK FOR THE FINAL EXAM.
Avoid distractions. Organize your priority. Friends forever.

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