Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tips for PILN 2009 (May Differs to Condition)

There have been some request from those who were applying for JPA's PILN 2009. I'm not sure if I got this right, but from what I have pondered for time and time again. There's some tips that you should consider before going for the interview.

1. Be prepared.

The night before the interview, have your clothes ready.

During my time, I tested the attire a few times that night to ensure that I look the best.

2. Be early, but not too early.

It's typical. Every interview must have you to come early. However, coming too early might as well distract yourself.

I arrived at the centre about five minutes before 8 o'clock (the time of the interview mentioned on the internet). I just have a mere, but healthy breakfast. Be very alert when you were there. If you are coming with your parents, tell them to wait for you anywhere else (being chaperoned might also be a distraction).

3. Focus and have faith in yourself.

Being nervous is typical. Everyone feel nervous, it's just how they managed to hide the nervousness differs. So, control your nervousness.

I was nervous, but I don't think I was extremely nervous. Besides, I think I was overconfident that particular time. Thank God I didn't do anything that makes me looks stupid. But with those guys and girls mentioning their achievements, it really makes me looks small.

4. During the interview, MIND WHAT YOU SAID!

Some things were not appropriate to be mentioned during the interview. Please be smart on what you were saying. I think it will be easier for you to understand if I mention my own experience.

When I was taking the interview, there was two interviewer, a man and a woman. The man was just going through my files and certificates, while the woman asked me some questions. There was about seven person in my group, and I'm the only Malay guy. We got four girls, two of them were Chinese and the other two were Malay. The three boys are me, an Indian boy and also a Chinese boy.
It is important for you yo remember that mind whatever you said. Think before you make a statement. Do not go against the government. Show a very high patriotism. Say enthusiastically that you want to serve the nation (even if you're not). Be alert and proactive.
Malas da nk tulis... Sori... Hahaha...


alia said...

tahniah dpt jpa scholarship! :D

weeeehoooooooooo! said...

wah,tahniah ar ko!!
aku pon xdapat jpa..

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