Monday, September 15, 2008

Me and the Girls... Wasn't It Great???

Don't be mistaken by the picture beside, it was me with my cousin. We hang out together and break fast together at Mid Valley last Sunday. It was quiet a revelry, and I was so d**ned exhausted today. I arrived at Cendana about 12 o'clock and I sleep about 2 o'clock (after finishing the KFC that I brought back for sahur). Who else were out? My girlfriend, for sure. She just can't stand looking at me and my cousin, we are sooooo close and maybe it's just her jealousy that keep her daunted by us. But don't worry honey, you always be my paramount.

On the other side, as you can see, is two of my former classmate from PASUM. Anyway, guys, you didn't change at all (except for Rosati, I've seen quiet an improvement in your gregariousness).
Another advice, find a boyfriend, GIRLS!!!

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