Saturday, September 20, 2008

How The Weekend Worked Out...

Just waking up from bed. 9.30. Far from expectation. Yes~~~ Why so serious? Slept at three yesterday. Such a revelry. We break fast outside (again) and went for a karaoke. 16 songs might not be enough, I guess. But I really have good time, really. Going high is like taking methamphetamine with extra music and sound effects. At least, singing is LEGAL!
Back at Cendana at 11, I haven't got the chance to take my bath when Dzul called me up, "Syahmi, Dawood jom!"
"Tapi aku lom mandi agi ney..."
"Ala, x pyh mandi r... Bukan nak jumpe awek pown"
"Ye r, aku turon skang..."
Once at Dzul's room, guess what, they got a disco there. Yes!!! I knew it will be great. It always be. Lights off, music on! Loudspeakers and guitars, quite a gig. Really enjoyed it!
Once again, the enjoyment continues... We lepak at Dawood until something pass 1. Hanging out with those guys making me crazy. But I like it, don't ask me why. Well, you know, enjoy life while you can! Lastly, this is me and my life.

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