Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How to Build Your Own Karaoke System

One thing that I missed the most in Malaysia, and I'm sure there's tonne of my other friends who were staying oversea who would agree with me, is the Malaysia karaoke box.

Yes, definitely someone who would go release their tension at the karaoke box, will need to find some other way to let go their anger and stress, which could be threatening.

Well, now, fear not my friends, get ready with the money and I'll show you how to build your own karaoke system.

The first thing ever that you would need, of course, is a television. But I prefer an LCD monitor so that you can control the function from your computer. We are not building a typical, CD-player type karaoke system that you usually use, but we are building a system that is powerful enough to be crack a party.

For the monitor, we are not very particular, but be reminded, if you have a HD laptop, you supposed to buy a HD monitor, at least 19 inch, so it will be a much better experience.

The one that I had in mind right now is the HP S2031 20" HD monitor. It costs only about USD$109.19, yet it have everything that we need, and nothing that we don't need.

The next one, we need an audio mixer. This particular item is usually quiet expensive. So bear with me. I was searching for a 4-channeled mixer and I stumbled upon this one. It is very cheap, but the quality was just satisfactory. A Nady MM-141 4-Channel Mini Mixer for only USD$29.99. We'll have to get an amplifier to support this mini item.
So the next one, we will have to look for an adequate amplifier to support this mini mixer. When searching for an audio amplifier, don't look for the power amplifier, or as we call them, power amp. This is because their price will rip your shirt off. However, be noted that there is some power amp which is affordable enough. The ones that I have in mind is the Gem Sound XPS 300, which is small yet powerful enough to support the system we're building. You might as well customize them with various type of amplifier, which will produce different sounds.
Oh, my, I fell in love with this power amp at first time. Who would ever guess it was even possible to own such a thing with superb affordable price. You guys can have this baby only at USD$149.99 from Guitar Center. Now that we have the mixer, the monitor, and the power amp, let's go look for some booming speakers.

A Yamaha MSR100 8" Powered Speaker. Loud enough to rock your neighborhood. But, hell yeah, the price was also not too bad, you can get this hell raising equipment for only USD$299.99. It also can act as a mixer, which will be very useful by time.
Now that we have everything we needed, last thing that we require is the microphones. Gem Sound GMW61 Dual Wireless Microphone is the one that I'm looking for. Costs only USD$49.99 for a couple of mics, it will sure be a deal.
So that's all. All left for you to get is some cords putting this thing up, and a 250GB hard disk full of Malay and English karaoke songs.

And wallah, you got your own booming, moderately-expensive karaoke set!

Till next time, out.

Salam Alaik~



eriq doh said...

pakai sound system rumah mcm sony tu bleh x ntuk ganti speaker yg dicadangkan? kalo kat rumah aku plak mcm mane? ko bg idea ntuk aku buat tmpt karoeke la....kehkeh...

Syahmi Yem said...

eriq doh: boleh je. just ko beli mixer la dgn mic wireless tu. means that speaker je yg ganti sound system. mixer tu nak bagi hilangkan suara.

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