Friday, February 13, 2009

Too Much to Say... This Will be Long...

1st Thing: The Heat of Audition

Yesterday, another jamming session. Practicing very hard for the audition next Wednesday (looks like I have to ask excuse to not attend Ms. Dhaya class). Frankly, we're not doing very good last night. Somehow, the 'feel' was not there. Shit. Suddenly everyone become so damned stressed and playing seriously (including me). Well, I can't help but to admit that the heat of the audition is getting hotter. It melt us all. But no worries, we will go against Larry's band from ALM (no offense, dude), it's healthy competition. Will be jamming EVERYDAY from now!!!

2nd Thing: What I do When I Was Depressed

I've read the blogs of some of my peers, and I can see that those guys and girls were getting stressed up. Pointing straight to Hazirah, who gives her friend some suggestion on how to be happy. My roommates know it when I was depressed. Well, guys, this is what I do when I was depressed... 

Step 1- Walk alone to the nearest Petronas (in my case, the Section 6 Petronas)

Step 2- Withdraw some money (in my case, the CIMB Bank ATM)

Step 3- Buy an A&W Root Beer and a Cadbury Chocolate (in my case, sometimes a Vochelle, or Van Houten, or just a Snickers)

Step 4- Walk back alone to your college (in my case, Cendana)

Step 5- Open your laptop and watch Futurama while eating the chocolate and root beer

Step 6- Start studying again... 

Thats what I do when I was depressed... Try it!

3rd Thing: The Hectic of Next Week

Week SEVEN. HeCtIc. I've got to be more prepared for the next week. Siot. I got THREE TESTS, A QUIZ and not to forget, A FEW PRESENTATION + ASSIGNMENT. And an audition. I was not so prepared for these, but I am still struggling to be prepared. Either in academic, or music. For the audition, pray for us, GUYS!

4th Thing: My Brothers are Coming to KL

"Bro, hujung minggu ney angah ngan AA nk dtg KLCC"

"So what? Hahaha..."

"Kitorang men 3 on 3 nnti. Abang datang r, bg sokongan ckit..."

"Ala, abang byk kije r... Nak pew nie?"

"Hahaha... Ala, angah pegi bwk 5 rggit je ni... Support r ckit..."

"Ceh.. Cakap r awal2.. Tgok r nnti cne..."

"Bawak hanset angah skali taw... Suke2 bwk hanset org..."

"Yela2... Lagi? Bwk pew ag?"

"Bawak r bakal kakak ipar... Nk gak kenal2... Haha..."

"Pale hotok awok... (Dalam loghat Pahang)"

Haha... Guess I have to go anyway.. 

5th Thing: Couple Are Coming to INTEC???

Really? OMG, Aidil, Ariana and others r coming???? WaH!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO DAMNED MUCH!!! I've been informed about the AUSMAT CHARITY RUN and the live band performance on that day. Izzi has told Juwe that our band is invited to perform at the event. I don't know for sure, but wait a minute, performing live with Couple? That far off my expectation.... *dies*


az said...

ape stress2 ni bro.. u will do just fine.. each of us faces the same situation ryte.. we'll help one another k..

aku said...

make sure ur interest not stop u from acieving d main ambition

sYeNgEt ke senget?? said...

yeah~ couple will be there..
btw.. i ask izzi n the band to
assist couple on that day.. ;DD

Anonymous said...

baru aku noticed ada nama aku.hoho.lek ah syahmi!kau jgn stress2.perempuan stress x pe..laki jgn..:P

sari said...

syahmi,,jgn a tension2...
aku rindu kat ko...
hemm,,,sal la aku xde mase nak teman ko jumpe adik2 ko en...
t cuti sem kang aku g kuantan yek..
xkua2 ag ngan ko..

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